Jessica McCabe HowTo ADHD Greatest Hits

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This is a selection of my favorite videos by Jessica McCabe, her research on Adult ADHD and her own first-hand experience.

Jessica McCabe’s TEDx Talk “Failing at Normal”

Here is a link to the 17-minute TEDx talk by Jessica McCabe on her life with Adult ADHD. It is moving. Jessica McCabe's TEDx Talk "Failing at Normal"

How To ADHD: How to Help Someone who has ADHD

This is the beginning of my commented picks of the HowTo ADHD series. I have been watching a few and would like to make note of the ones I like. I haven't disliked one yet actually.

This video is designed for those who are close to people who have ADHD. It is a pretty good introduction. As friends of ADHDers, you have effects of the ADHD to deal with. This is a quick primer. HowTo ADHD, Jessica McCabe: Does your Loved One have ADHD?

Another Beautiful and Musical HowTo ADHD

Maybe it is just my sentimental place right now, but I really like this song. It starts melancholic and turns happy. The happy message stays, but the tone goes back to melancholic and then becomes happy again. "Failure may just mean that you are trying to climb instead of swim." There is an animal at the end, but I forgot the name of it. "Potential turns successful when we learn how to swim." HowTo ADHD, Jessica McCabe: "Try Different" (The Fish Song)

HowTo ADHD: Wall of Awful

This video-set was handled directly by my ADHD support group. It also addresses a question of difficulties to do simple tasks with an emotional explanation. Since ADHD is sensorial rather than emotional in nature, the beauty of this allegory of a wall of awful elegantly describes the play between ADHD and anxiety around tasks. It touches on a number of things, including mindset.

HowTo ADHD: Why Doesn't People-Pleasing Work?

Rebecca does crystalize many of my thoughts in this moment. I extend the notion of not saying things because you would want to hear them to not doing things just because I may think you may like them to be done. In this video, the focus is on sustainability. It seems that this video assumes that we already know our own needs and feelings. It is good work for me to reason through my own needs such that I may assert them gently to those I care about.

HowTo ADHD: Top 5 Relationship Rules

This seems like a structure that allows for authentic relationship (a synonym for love). It personally is something I want to try. I think I will try it.

The beauty of the story is in the process as well. The "rules" are just fine for me as they stand. I am ready to apply these rules implicitly to many relationships.

The pitfall is that if we are not reasonable with ourselves, we may not be reasonable with the other. The strength is that the "rules" are not ends unto themselves. They are a guideline. They seem good.

The first video starts, "these rules are applicable to any relationship, not just romantic." So people can follow them mutually without the necessity of labeling our relationship "romantic."

HowTo ADHD: ADHD and Friends

"ADHD and Friends" has good insight into how the neurodevelopmental issue can lead to a psychological issue. Because we are less observant as children, as children we get false messages about our social capability. That is what I heard. I see it as valuable because it shows one example ... and there are many more ... of how attention regulation issues affect the psyche through social-feedback mechanisms.

There are also feedback mechanisms rampant in romantic relationships with "neurotypicals."