Interview on My Life with Adult ADHD (in French)

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Adult ADHD is a cognitive disorder. I have it. It affects about 5% of the adult population to varying degrees. It has to do with executive functioning. It has three classifications: hyperactive, distractive and both. It has three consequences: inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. It is a developmental disorder in the same way short-sightedness is a developmental disorder. Having ADHD does not imply that the person is more susceptible to have other neurological considerations, but ADHD is as often as not comorbid with something else. Adults with ADHD must necessarily have had the condition since childhood (it is non-reversible). Adults, especially those diagnosed at adulthood, very rarely manifest visibly active hyperactivity, and are usually a distractive dominant. If present, hyperactivity in adults can be seen in grinding teeth, taking on many projects (or perhaps even writing long emails). Distractive is a misnomer. The actual problem is attention regulation disorder, not attention disorder. We can just as easily hyperfocus as be distracted. It is hard for us to be in cognition, meta-cognition and action at the same time.

I was interviewed for over 40 minutes over the radio (Vivre FM, 93.9 in Paris) from 9 AM to 10 AM on September 20th. You can play the interview, read a resume (in French) or download the interview at the below link.

Carole Clémence is a great interviewer. The series “Bien dans sa tête” has been going on since 2011. It really is a wonderful opportunity.