Caplancity / Capacity Planning

Caplancity is a product and service package for better roadmap mastery by digital organizations (burn rate, backlog, etc.). Organizations may harmonize internal and external engagement negotiations with the help of software-tooled bridge between ticketing and capacity planning. Caplancity is a process and toolset for capacity planning. Capacity planning empowers organizations wholistically.

Software and method combinations have been applied by Chris Mann in Pole Emploi and Wonderbox (publicly-available open-source product redmine_taskjuggler). Inspiration comes from Prince2 capacity planning, Agile #NoEstimates and Beyond Budgeting.


Here is the content of Burnlog in English and in French. The content is completely diffrent between the languages. This is the content I need to verify between websites. I don't know if it is on a public GIT or not.

See also: pitch, #caplancity