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This Guide is for You!

There are chapters in this page for different levels of users. Here are the users I anticipate:

  1. Someone involved with a project who would like to consume information.
  2. Someone who would like to use the accessory tools to track non-structured project information.
  3. Someone who would like to export files to their own computer and synchronize changes to those files.
  4. Someone who would like to configure a server to take into account organizational particularities to this project.
  5. Someone who would like to deploy a new Fossil SCM server

1. Information Consumer

Without doing anything, this is a public website, as would be most instances. Just click places and consult. You also have a search feature if enabled. The publicly available content is in the "pub" folder. You will need an identified account to see information from other folders.

Create an Account

There should be a create a new account feature form the login screen accessible on the top right if you are not identified. There is a captcha to fill in. Once done, you will be able to see more content. An administrator might have to first validate your account for any or all new privileges to register. Once this process is complete, you should have access to even more content!

Chat with Other Registered Users in Realtime

The chat feature in this tool is quite handy. It remembers previous chats and allows quick sharing of files. This is often a handy addition to visio calls.

Checkout the Extranet!

The extranet is a series of files and folders under the "pro" folder at the root of the filesystem. Should you wish to move up one level in the information hierarchy, there should be a "^" in the menu bar on top.

2. - 5. Advanced Users

Please check out the Fossil-SCM website and documentation for more information.

2. Ticket, Forum and Wiki Users

My hope is that the ticket, forum and wiki sections would be easily accessible and usable, but please do inform me if there are any hiccups.

3. Developer and Editor

Developers and editors are users who synchronize the files on their own file systems. Here is the command for the initial checkout:

fossil clone

Replace yourusername with your username and with the root of this actual website.

4. Administrator for this project, product and/or service

The ticketing, forum and wiki sections of Fossil SCM have been personalized and can be further personalized with administrator privileges in the Admin section.

Managing Users

One major interest for administrators is the configuring of users and user rights. This is in the admin section.

5. Creating your own Copy

Should you want to copy this locally for your computer to create a different project, here is the command line that works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

fossil clone --once example.fossil

After making the copy, setup through fossil ui from the working directory. You would then either want to serve example.fossil or synchronize it with a fossil server.