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The purpose of this website is to note news in anti-chronological order.

Publication of


The website is mainly to make it easy for me to have my Zoom link and to put things that don't seem to fit elsewhere.

Improvements and Factorization on used in and


Each TaskWhy site now has its own logo and icon. We still have intermittent server slowdowns to be investigated and corrected.


There were intermittent extranet errors. A maintenance operation took place this day to reinforce server reliability. During the operation, all sites were offline between approximately 17:25 and 17:50 Paris time.


Update. I have setup the structure of such that it utilizes the PDCA approach.


Scripts systematically translate and index potentially all instances of --,,,,,,,,, They are used manually. Information personal to me from and from have been factorized respectively to and, thus reinforcing the independent natures of these tools, replicable for others in a prototype/instance setup.

Republication of


The website of the collective "Le Quatrième Oeil" was temporarily lost. I brought it back to life here.

Publication of, Capacity Planning for Empowerment

2021-05-14 is a product and service package for digital organizations with regard to their better roadmap mastery (burn rate, backlog, etc.). Organizations may harmonize internal and external engagement negotiations with the help of a software-tooled bridge between ticketing and capacity planning. and Associated Domain Names


I reimplemented the redirection on and .fr to I used the website to publish the content previously exclusively on I think is easier to use for communication purposes around the Lea Grands Voisins digital season-4 project than is the public-facing website. without the "les" is the extranet for organizers.

Improved Mobile Interface on TaskWhy Sites


The interface for the websites were previously only optimized for desktop computers. This was due to an aesthetic choice of having a left column. Now the column disappears on narrow screens and a bugfix allows for more options in the drop-down menu. Here is a list of the websites that use TaskWhy and benefit from this update:

Starting to use


I am starting to add content to my own instance in English here and in French here. The French version is becoming very different from the English version and perhaps more advanced. This is in the protected area of that website.

Creation of the Mann.News for All Websites


I created the website today in the context of a series of microsites based on the TaskWhy approach. Changes and events can come from different websites in that This website centralises all of that. I am starting with the TaskWhy base as is and think about maybe using RSS aggregation in the future. News comes from the following websites:


This extranet part of this website is based on a fully-distributed free and open-source tool for project management based on the open-source software Fossil SCM on the model. With the pointers in this guide, you too can use it for:

So, let's get started!

If you already know your way around, here is a link to the extranet with members-only files.

It does take some getting-used-to and a little bit of learning. When you get it, the payoffs can be tremendous for so many reasons : mastery, independence, freedom, etc. in ways that would otherwise not be available to you. This is the software by and for SqLite (for example in the Airbus 380). Have confidence, it will go far.