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Tests for Working Code

I can code tests and look into automating test suites.

Config Magic

Do you want to configure something, or remember how you set anything up? Config magic is for you.

Digital Services

I can rollup my sleeves and devops or I can project-manage.

Local Digital Democracy

At the heart of every system is the question of how public servants and elected officials cooperate.

Export a Software Product

Do you wish to take one working product or service and import or export it into a different context? Let's work on that! I like challenges.

Open-Source Software

Do you want to develop or use opensource software? and may be what you need.

Project Launch

If you have a project that isn't getting off the ground, put me in that team. They'll kick me out once we will become successful.

Wild Prototypes

I can come up with some unexpected technical ideas that sometimes work, and bring otherwise unobtainable profit.