Shell Scripts

These are utility Bash shell scripts I use.

Automatic Translation with the DeepL API

The purpose of this script is to automatically translate all files in a folder hierarchy where a file does not exist in the same folder. It takes as a convention that any same content of the folder exists in both English in a "" file and in French with a "" file. It takes the language paramters in lowers as follow: en fr for English to French and fr en for French to English. There script is here. For now, the API key is hard-coded into the script and must be changed manually.

Automatic Indexing

This script is built with the intention of creating a folder "index" and placing a Markdown file in that folder with an index to the contexts of that folder, following the convention. It takes as a parameter the langue for which it is constructing an index: en or fr: en or fr. It will erase ./index/ and ./index/ files relative to where is called.

VIMRC Maintenance Scripts

I also have a script for uploading changes to my vimrc and a script for downloading changes form my vimrc script. Documentation is to come.