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Running an adult ADHD peer-support group and program

I offer a weekly peer-support group for adults with ADHD and a couple without on Mondays from 7 til 8 PM, Paris time. I also promote the structure of peer-support groups at the HyperSupers association, training facilitators and coming up with some common structure.

Photographic Events

It's about coordinating creativity between different photographers.

GDPR Compliance

More than just filling in worksheets, it's about mastering both data and process in a social structure. Take the constraint for the opportunity it is.

Hybrid Digital and Presence Meetings

Should any two persons in the room whisper amongst themselves, it would bother those online as much as those in the room. Anyone online may interrupt an rudely any speaker as anyone in the room. That is success.

Les Grands Voisins

Do you want be be part of an online community with ambitions of continuing the IRL Les Grands Voisins, with a public sector, social services, ethical entreprise and cultural entertainment? Les Grands Voisins is such a collective. Come see the project launch site,!

Psychosocial Risks

This is work in progress.

Steering Committees

I like participating in steering committees and have done so since college.


I animate webinars, mainly through Agileprise.


I can run workshops for team collaboration and discovery.